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fieldMEDIA Creative provides Website Design, Online Image Design, SEO Services, Wordpress Design, Voice Overs, Online Audio, Adobe Audition Training, Radio Commercial Copywriting, PA Hire, Event Hosts and Presenters.


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We provide Podcast, online audio, online video and editing services.  We provide event hosts, event support, roadshow support with stage sound and light.  We design websites, online banner creation and online viral marketing including SEO services. 

We create radio commercials and campaigns and design radio competition mechanics.   We provide training in radio presentation, production and editing and the use of Adobe audition.  

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“A superb service, a great host and our event wouldn't be the same without you.” - Jill Sergeant, Produced In Kent, Eurofair and The Kent Food and Drink Festival.

An example of how our Podcast and Web Video service could help your business:

  1. You'd like to tell potential customers about your services and products via your website.
  2. We set up a meeting and talk through the project and create a story board and script.
  3. Our journalist/producer/presenter visits your business to record the audio or video.
  4. The audio or video is edited into a Podcast or web Video feature and made available to upload onto your website.
  5. Your website visitor clicks and downloads, listens or watches the streaming audio or video.

So why choose a Podcast or Video for your website?

  • Text is not always enough.  People like to feel they can trust your  business.  What better way to show this by hearing a podcast or video of what you offer on your website.
  • Podcasts are Ideal for snippets of information, interviews that can be listened to while browsing your website.
  • Web Video offers an instant impression about your business.


“Sarah Parnell's voice is just right, it is perfect for us and the end result is just right"  Chris Hambrook - Bathrooms and Kitchens LTD - On Hold and Call Handling.


Podcast and Online Audio On Hold and Call Handling Event Hosts Radio - Commercials, Radio Promotions, Programme Production Adobe Audition & Radio Presenter Training Web Design & Marketing


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Voice Over Servcies

Voice Over for your online video or website

 If you're seeking a voice for your website or onlien video we may have the answer for you.  We have access to male and female voices from accross the UK and the world.  All you need to do is tell us what your looking for and we can find teh perfect voice to fit your requirements HERE.

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Event Hosts and Presenters

Posted by James Stewert Feb 1st 2012

It is so important to get the right face and voice for your event.  At fieldMEDIA we provide event hosts, presenters for your event.  It could be a product launch, an open day, school fete, exhibition, food festival or large concert.

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Interesting prison projects

Posted by James Stewert July 16th 2009

Media for Development are a not for profit organisation who engage and empower isolated communities through training and education.

They run many interesting projects and non perhaps more so than their prison projects.

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