We offer website design, hosting and marketing services.

Website Design

A website for your business these days is a must.  A website is a free marketing tool.  Look at it this way - the cost of advertising in the newspaper each week, at 1/2 page is around £400 and lasts for just 1 week.  A website lasts for years and costs a similar amount to set up with a small of amount of updating on a regular basis.

We offer two packages based on our template websites, just like this site.   Package One involves 3 pages from £299 and Package Two with 4 pages from £499.

We can also offer further in-depth design and technical services including creating a CMS system for your site.

To see examples of our web work click on some of the links on our web design cloud opposite.

Image Creation

We can create banners, graphics and icons for your website.  if your looking for moving image or static please feel free to contact us.

Quick Link Icons

Competition Banner for CTR/kmfm Maidstone

Graphics designed by fieldMEDIA for

Graphics created for CTR 105.6fm website by fieldMEDIA

Website Marketing

Hello we have a website... Are you browsing?  How do you inform the very people you've created a website for to that your available on the net.  Simple online marketing.

We provide various online marketing techniques with the simple target of getting people to your site and to your product.  It's called viral marketing using social networking sites, video websites and free advertising sites - essentially getting the net talking about you... 

You'd like to find out more then contact us.


“Our new website is fantastic, we've had so many compliments from other town centre management groups, well done" - Bill Moss Town Centre Manager, Maidstone