We thought it may be a little obvious to add up our combined years of experience of working in the radio industry - instead we'd like to offer this experience combined to make our Radio products...

fieldMEDIA's radio offering includes programme making, editing and producing services through to writing and producing commercials.

radio script writing - commercials

We've written a fair few and we're proud to say that our clients have come back again and again.

Radio advertising is all about awareness, radio is brilliant for letting people know who your are and what you've got.  When you think about it that's what it comes down to - I want to know what it is and how to get it from my radio advert.

It's obvious but we hear so many commercials where people want to fit everything and the kitchen sink into their ads.  It just gets lost.  So K.I.S.S and let's just leave out the Kitchen sink eh.

If you'd like to hear some of our commercials get in touch and I'll be happy to send you some examples. 

Here's what others say about our ads

"That is just brilliant, where did you get the idea from, so funny, Bill asked can he have another one" - Michelle Rolf - Sales Executive CTR 105.6fm/kmfm Bill Stephens Christmas Tree Commercials

"Highgrove Garden Centre have also asked for a commercial like the Bill Stephens but different" Lee Bennett Head of sales CTR 105.6fm/KMFM Maidstone - Resulted in Time is ticking away Highgrove.

"We were packed and it tells them how many screens we have, I like the voice" Mark Brenton, Manager Chicago Rock Cafe - England football promotion.

"Really like the advert does what it says on the tin we have 70% off and we've had some business off of it"  Rupert Gomshall Garden Furniture - 70% sales commercial for Half Price Teak.

Radio Programmes

We also produce the odd  radio programme and Podcast, we're currently working on dance, Jazz and event related programming, and several Podcast concepts. 

Radio Competitions and Promotions

Unless you do it right you may as well spend your money on airtime.  A radio promotion has got to be right to work for any client.  Remember radio's power is awareness.  In addition we would always advise running an airtime campaign alongside any radio promo. 

That's enough of the free advice.  If you'd like to know how to make your radio promo work get in touch.  Oh and by the way we've been award finalists for our work in this area.

Radio Interviews

We have some very influential friends in the world of radio interviews.  They know just how to get the ear of the producer, they also know how to write great copy that could entice the presenter - next you're on air in an interview telling all about your new book, project or scheme.

If you'd like to find out more we'll connect you with the people who talk radio.

If you'd like to know more contact fieldMEDIA.  07970 789 715


“The biggest audience we've ever had at The Christmas Lights, and what a show, simply wonderful - a BIG thank you"  Bill Moss - Town Centre Manager - Maidstone Christmas Lights Swicth On.