Online Audio and Video

We offer the opportunity of bespoke online video or audio Podcast for business, clubs and organisations on the internet via their websites.  We can write, edit and produce your online audio and video presence.  It could be a series of Podcasts about the services you provide or a video showing your potential customers around your business.

If you'd like to find out more, prices and how it works please use our contact page to get in touch.

An example of how our Podcast and Web Video service could help your business:

  1. You'd like to tell potential customers about your services and products via your website.
  2. We set up a meeting and talk through the project and create a story board and script.
  3. Our journalist/producer/presenter visits your business to record the audio or video.
  4. The audio or video is edited into a Podcast or web Video feature and made available to upload onto your website.
  5. Your website visitor clicks and downloads, listens or watches the streaming audio or video.

So why choose a Podcast or Video for your website?

  • Text is not always enough.  People like to feel they can trust your  business.  What better way to show this by hearing a podcast or video of what you offer on your website.
  • Podcasts are Ideal for snippets of information, interviews that can be listened to while browsing your website.
  • Web Video offers an instant impression about your business.


“Our new website is fantastic, we've had so many compliments from other town centre management groups, well done" - Bill Moss Town Centre Manager, Maidstone


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Event Animation Product

fieldMEDIA provides Event Animation for The Eurofair and Kent Food and Drink Festival.   The product consists of PA for the event showground and Event Hosts who provide the Event Animation.

The Event Animation service is unique to fieldMEDIA.  Kevin Field explains a little more of what it does  "Essentially the event host provides information of what's happening and where at the event, but also links in sales messages, interviews with trade stands and is available just in case of an emergency on site".

The Event Animation service has been successfully utilised for the last 6 years at Kent's largest food festival.  The Canterbury Eurofair and Kent Food and Drink Festival use Event Animation to keep its visitors in the know about the activity at the event.

Jill Sergeant of Produced In Kent said "It's superb and really works well, I don't think our event would be the same without it".

Kevin Added "It keeps the visitor informed of what's available, when our event host chats to the trade stands the listener finds out where they are and what the have to offer it's almost like a radio interview about that event". 

Event Animation is ideal for festivals, marquee based events and exhibitions.  If you'd like to find out how we could work with your event contact us